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               Who Will You Trust To Test Your Drain Tile?           
 A Foundation Repair Contractor Who Profits From Selling You Drain Tile.  
         An Independent Consultant Who Profits From The Testing Fee. 

  A Drain Tile Test is intended to SAVE thousands of dollars by locating the problem tile. If a  Foundation Repair Contractor will be testing your drain tile, follow these tips. There are many honest, reputable repair contractors who test Drain Tile. Any contractor who tries to prevent or talk you out of following these tips should be avoided at all costs.

1)  Make sure the company testing your drain tile understands that they are being hired for the test only. Should the test determine repairs are needed, use your report to obtain competitive bids from other contractors. Some contractors offer to apply the cost of the test to any repairs. Ask them for a list of customer referrals where no repairs were required. 
 2) Make sure the company testing your drain tile has no connection to the company performing repairs resulting from the test.
 3) If a drain tile test is required as part of a repair contract, insist the test be performed PRIOR to repairs.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allow a contractor to talk you into waiting until the job starts to perform the test. ​

To whom it may concern
In preparation for selling our home we decided to be proactive and have a home inspection completed. We thought that would give us an idea as to whether or not the basement block was going to be a concern when a prospective buyer looked at it and had an inspection performed. The inspector that we hired suggested we have a professional come in to evaluate the areas of concern with the basement walls. SHE recommended IHN Plumbing.

 IHN came in to look at our basement and recommended we have a drain tile test completed at a cost of $250. We thought that would be money well spent and proceeded with having them complete the test. The results they verbally shared (we never received a written report from IHN) were that the drain tile failed in the test. They said the drain tile were never installed properly. For example, they ran water in the tile and the water flowed away from the sump pump crock so the water would never move appropriately to the crock. They also said that because of the size of our ranch home (approximately 1,900 square feet), we should have had an additional sump pump installed. The estimated cost for this work would be $15,000. We had concerns with this estimate as we felt it didn’t necessarily cover all the work that would be required. 

 Just as we were about to sign the contract to replace our Drain Tile our realtor informed us he was uncomfortable with the amount of money we would be spending based on what he was seeing in our basement. He suggested we bring in Charles Weber Consulting to Independently look at our basement. They were so insistent there was nothing wrong with our Drain Tile they offered to re-test our drain tile for free if there really was a problem. The results of their test were completely opposite of what IHN had reported. It was found that our drain tile were installed correctly and the tile was in good condition. It was also found that there was plenty of stone used as part of the installation.
We feel very fortunate to have gone ahead with the analysis that Charles Weber Consulting did for us. We feel it’s our duty to make other homeowners aware of our experience with IHN. It saved us $15,000+ that we would have spent with IHN. 

Name available upon request

Drain Tile Testing Guidelines
The following is a copy of a complaint from a homeowner who was told by their Home Inspector to have their Drain Tile Tested. Like most homeowners these people had no idea they were being ripped off. After all, this contractor was an Accredited member of The Better Business Bureau. Besides, he seemed like such a nice guy.